My coding projects page (work-in-progress):

Work Projects

Projects I lead

Project Main GitHub My Fork
WRF-GC two-way coupled model
Lin et al., 2020 GMDD
Currently private beta. Available on request. -
jimmielin/wrf-gchp-dev-tools (auxiliary tools)
HEMCO-CESM Interface ESCOMP/HEMCO_CESM jimmielin/HEMCO_CESM (nightly)
jimmielin/CAM (auxiliary changes in CAM)
KPP.jl jimmielin/KPP.jl -

Projects I contribute to

Project Main GitHub My Fork
GEOS-Chem chemical transport model
geoschem/geos-chem jimmielin/geos-chem
HEMCO (Harmonized Emissions Component)
Keller et al., 2014
geoschem/HEMCO jimmielin/HEMCO-1
CESM-GC fritzt/CAM jimmielin/CAM

Other classroom/minor projects

  • Parallelizing STILT. CS205 Project, Spring 2020. GitHub
    • Main contributions: Developing an AWS Batch-based workflow for STILT parallelization; testing existing SLURM scheduler parallelization on AWS ParallelCluster.
  • KPP.jl. 18.337 Project, Fall 2020. GitHub
    • Reimplements a KPP parser and ODE generator for chemical kinetics, using DifferentialEquations.jl to solve them.
  • Regrid_Z2Z_Mod. Quick and dirty vertical pressure grid regridder. GitHub
  • I also open-source my set of MATLAB tools used for research (“mtools”) on GitHub.